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United Nations

“Anthem Of Humanity”

I was invited to compose music and create a video to inspire the 200+ youth from all over the world attending the United Nations 2nd Annual Youth Pre-Conference.

It was a privilege to have the opportunity to inspire future world leaders through music, image and words.


The music is called Anthem of Humanity. 


Jonathan is versatile and he embraces collaboration with the passion of a master composer. His ear for emotion and his gift for musical storytelling is unmatched which is why I write my scripts listening to his music. I trust him explicitly when it comes to deadlines and he is the utmost professional.  I would never want to work with anyone else.

Matthew J. Pexa — Writer/Director | 2nd AD on CSI Miami, Mad Men, Blackhat, Rush Hour 2, Hollywood Homicide, Castle, American Horror Story

Jonathan is like a master painter of musical emotional depth. He understands the importance of how music affects human emotion and his music penetrates your heart and guides you on a journey.  I look forward to working with him again.

Cheri Montesanto — Producer | 3-time Emmy Winner | X-Files | CSI Miami | Avengers

Latest News

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Radio Interview

by Holistic Living with Jamie Feldstein

The interview covers Jonathan’s unique background, his experience with creativity amidst deadlines, and learning to hear music in a new way.

Listen to the Interview!

Unplug Meditation - Music

Jonathan’s music used exclusively at Unplug

Jonathan’s meditation/healing music is used exclusively at Unplug Meditation in West LA.  Jonathan also provides a music guided meditation journey class there from time to time.

Incredible India! - Ad

by Ogilvy & Mather

Jonathan’s music “Warriors Beyond God” was used by Ogilvy & Mather for the Government of India’s Ministry of Tourism.  Check out the ad!

About Jonathan

Jonathan J. Beaudette is a composer, conductor, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His primary instruments are the piano, acoustic and electric guitar and 12-string acoustic guitar.  He also plays bass guitar, various synths, percussion, and has been known to use his very unique voice from time to time.

At age 6, Beaudette grew up learning film scores on the family piano “by ear” where he found his first love: cinematic music. He actually performed the Main Title of Star Wars in elementary school on the Recorder. Years later, film music and the piano was left on a desert road for Rock music and a guitar…strangely enough while servicing turbo-prop engines for 4 years in U.S. Air Force.

After serving his country, Beaudette studied orchestration and audio engineering, purchased gear for his project studio and began recording and mixing his music.  It wasn’t long before his first love came back into his life – film music – and in 2003 he moved to Los Angeles where he quickly began composing music for film trailers (a perfect blend of his two loves: orchestra and rock).

Beaudette composed a score for the United Nations in support of the Millennium Development Goals and the 2nd Annal Youth Pre-Conference. His music has been used in major motion picture trailers like Harry Potter 7 as well as Network and Cable TV channels like ABC, CBS, Sci-Fi Channel, History Channel and many more(See PROJECTS for a complete list of projects)

Other works by Beaudette include 8 film scores, and his music has been used in documentaries such as: Starring Adam West, Buffer Zone and Yolanda; and in advertising campaigns for Ogilvy & Mather.

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