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with Heather Hayward


with Brooks Greene-Barton

Opening — Album

The second collaboration with spiritual teacher/wizard Brooksy Greene-Barton, Opening is a guided inner journey supporting you to open to What You Are.  Find the album here on CD Baby

Who I Am — Album

Jonathan has partnered with spiritual teacher/wizard Brooksy Greene-Barton to create a lovely guided inner journey into Who You Are.  The music was scored to the narration as if it was a film, and creates an inner experience like no other.  Check it out here at CD Baby.

Brooks Greene-Barton

In Memoriam

I had the honor, and blessing, of being in Brooks’ life for about 20 years…the last 15 being very close.

He was a former big-wig international broker turned shaman-wizard, supporting others to live their divine full potential. He had truly “magical” abilities and gifts usually only read about or seen in movies. His vision was piercing and his wisdom was infinite. Brooks lifted the veil on many deep, hidden aspects of myself, and I AM forever changed because of him…I think rarely can we say that about someone.

With music, he showed me how to hear in ways I didn’t know was possible. I began to experience music through feeling and energy, beyond the sense of hearing. There is no way to describe it any better than to say: having Brooks in my life was living without chains; hearing without earplugs in my ears.

I am beyond words as to my feelings and appreciation of Brooks…my mentor, collaborator and friend. He lived with pure dedication to uplifting others and healing the traumas in humanity and society, and supporting feminine leadership.

Even though Brooks is no longer with us on Earth, through these recordings, you can experience a bit of love of the remarkable and unique Brooks.