The Exodus — Film Score

Starring Robert Patrick, Jonathan’s second collaboration with writer/director Matthew Pexa and producer Cheri Montesanto, this score rides the highs of spiritual experiences and the lows of family tragedy. The score also features the voice of Margot Loren.

The Shards — Film Score

A psychological thriller set in one room, this epic score underscores the multidimensional reality inside the lead character’s head. Jonathan’s first collaboration with writer/director Matthew Pexa.

Society of Composers and Lyricists

Jonathan was accepted into the Society of Composers and Lyricists Mentor program.  He got to mentor with veteran composers such as Alf Clausen (composer of The Simpsons) and Steve Bramson (composer of J.A.G.).  He also sat in on recording sessions with Hans Zimmer, Christoph Beck and Brian Tyler.