This includes the following:

  • Voice production (clean-up, frequency balancing, noise reduction)
  • Mixing voice with music and adding binaural beats if desired
  • Mastering (setting the optimal level for streaming services and/or downloads)

If you need to have your narration assembled from a script because you have multiple takes to choose from, this is audio editing and is not included in this package.  Contact me for additional services.

MEDITATION PRODUCING  – $100 for 10-minutes, $200 for 20-minutes, $300 for 30-minutes.


This includes the following:

  • Narration / Voice enhancing
  • Mixing voice with music and adding binaural beats if desired
  • I listen through the entire meditation making sure it is perfect.
  • Mastering (setting the optimal level for streaming services and/or downloads)

Use the Production option if you have your music selected, your narration/meditation audio is finalized, (which means it requires no editing of multiple takes, no editing alternate versions, and does not need spacing for pacing.)  – $100 per meditation, and $10 per every 1-minute after 5 minutes in length.


This includes the following:

  • Editing multiple takes and/or alternate versions to your script.
  • Editing your recording so the meditation has the correct pace and feel.

Use the Narration Editing option if you have recorded all of the narration but you don’t want to edit out the multiple/alternate takes to ‘comp’, or splice together, a composite, master take to sound like one seamless performance. – $75/hr


This includes the following:

  • Creating seamless musical transitions between two completely different tracks of music.
  • Editing your music tracks to be longer or more musically correct for your meditation.

Use the Music Editing option if you would like a more seamless transition between music that doesn’t flow well from one to the other. Also, sometimes there are parts of music that just don’t fit, but other parts do. I can edit those parts to make the music work better for your meditation.  $75/music track


This includes the following:

  • Creating custom music for your meditation
  • Exclusively licensed to you.

Use the Composing option when you want exclusive music that no other meditation has, and you have a large budget for original music.  $400/minute of music.


In the first example, HH, you can hear a kind of muffled quality and some sharp higher frequencies in the BEFORE. In the AFTER, the voice is more clear and comfortable to listen to. In the MIX, you can hear how it sits in the music naturally and is easily heard. This MIX contains sound effects of nature to enhance the relaxation process. The music was custom scored to this meditation.

In the second example CM, you can hear a brittle and piercing quality amidst a naturally warm voice. This is because because of the poor microphone choice. Also you can hear a lot of mouth noises which is distracting. In the AFTER, the voice is warm, smooth and no mouth clicks! The MIX is with binaural-beats and ambient music where it all feels and sounds like a blended but clear sound experience.

Initial Project Setup Call

Schedule a brief call with me to discuss your project! Please select the day and time that works best for you.

During our call, we will discuss the goals of your project so I can understand what you want to achieve. The adjustments that I make to your audio will be at a professional level equal to what you hear in high-budget TV and films, but specific to your voice and how you sound. I am here to bring out the best in your art!

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What I Need From You

Please send me uncompressed, full resolution (either 16bit or 24bit) audio files recorded at 44.1kHz or higher. No mp3 or m4a files, these are compressed and missing audio data. Any recording software will export (or ‘Bounce’ as it can be called) full-resolution audio.

Name your audio files accurately so they are not named ‘Audio 01’ but rather ‘Meditation for Healing_Narration’ or “Meditation-Dropping In Section”…things like that.

You can send up to 2GB of files for free via, and it does not require a login. Or, send me a Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other server link for me to download.

Payment Methods

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