Meditation Music Series I, II, III

The Meditation Music series is the sound of meditation.  It is like a deep soak in the limitless stream of universal oneness.

All music in the series is aligned with the harmonic resonance of the Earth and is a sound hammock for your body, mind and soul to rest in.

Meditation Music: Master Series I, II, and III were all composed as 60-minutes of continuous music. There is NO looping! The music never repeats itself, it is literally 1-hour of original music in each other the three albums.  This is ideal for massage therapists, hypno-therapists, long meditation, sleeping, or anytime you need non-obtrusive, uninterrupted music for a long time.

My Meditation Music Album

My Meditation Music is the music from the guided meditation album My Meditation. This music has a 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-minute meditation music experience ideal for anytime of day or any mood.

Unplug Meditation

Jonathan’s meditation music plays at Unplug Meditation in West LA since 2014.

The two Unplug albums contain all the same music as the Meditation Music series and My Meditation Music.

Suze Yalof-Schwartz, the founder of Unplug Meditation says, “Jonathan’s meditation music is indescribable…you can’t pick out any particular instrument. I’ve never heard meditation music like this. It’s not floaty, airy or cheesy like other meditation music…it’s rich, but I don’t know what makes it so rich.  It is like a wave that comes over you and comes out of you. It just calms the nerves, people love it!”