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Heels — Film Score

Composed the film score and trailer score for this family dramedy, the second collaboration with writer/director Ryan Bottiglieri. Jonathan composed the first 1:20 minutes and edited the song at the end of the trailer. Click on the poster to watch the trailer!

Meditation Music: Master Series I — Album

Master Series I is same music as Meditation Music: Vol. I except that it is one full hour of non-looped, continuous juicy music. Listen here and Download at  

Profusa Inc. — Ad

Composed the music for the Lumee bio-technology ad.  Jonathan’s second collaboration with writer/director Ben McMillan.

Experience My Goals — Album

The 4th album co-created with catalyst coach Heather Hayward. When you need to stay motivated to achieve your goals, this guided imagery experience keeps you plugged in and focused on the feelings of success. Download at

Unplug Meditation – Exclusive Meditation Music

Jonathan’s meditation/healing music is used exclusively at Unplug Meditation in West LA.  Jonathan also provides a music guided meditation journey class there from time to time.   Suze Yalof-Schwartz founder of Unplug Meditation says, “Jonathan’s meditation music is indescribable…you can’t pick out any particular instrument. I’ve never heard meditation music like this. It’s not floaty, airy or cheesy…

My Meditation Music — Album

From the album My Meditation, this is the music without the guided narration. Perfect when you are looking for a sonic cosmic cuddle, a sound hammock. Download at

Be Still and Know — Album

Jonathan composed the music and produced this guided imagery inner journey with Heather Hayward, designed to bring inner peace. This auditory map frees you from the shackles of doubt, worry and confusion and reignites your spirit. Download at

Incredible India — Ad Campaign

Jonathan’s music “Warriors Beyond God” was used by Ogilvy & Mather for the Government of India’s Ministry of Tourism.  Check out the ad!

My Meditation — Album

Jonathan and Heather Hayward created a phenomenal guided meditation album containing 5, 10, 15 and 20-minute meditations designed to suit your every mood and crazy lifestyle; and it is stripped of all the ‘woo-woo’ jargon. This is straight ‘in the vein’ meditation! Download at

RockBarnes — Film Score

Jonathan scored a few scenes for the film “RockBarnes”. It was a unique and diverse project because the score required composition of a Mambo, a rock song, a latin/pop/rap song, a jazz tune (co-written with Steve Rucker) and a variation of the baroque gem, “Canon in D”.  Directed by Ben McMillan.

Starring Adam West

Composed the montage for this documentary about Adam West, the original actor of the television series Batman.  The montage was a flashback to that era so music that sounded like it was from that time was needed.  James Tooley directed this documentary. Listen to the music! PlayStop PopOut Player

Opening — Album

The second collaboration with spiritual teacher/wizard Brooksy Greene-Barton, Opening is a guided inner journey supporting you to open to What You Are.  Find the album here on CD Baby

United Nations Conference

Jonathan was invited to compose music and create a video for the 2nd Annual Youth Pre-Conference in support of the Millennium Development Goals. Click on the video to the left to see the music video.

Compulsion — Film Score

Jonathan’s first thriller score, composed mostly as sound design, not very many ‘notes’, this score was quite fun to do presenting a challenge to use sound to tell the story, not melody.

Trim — Film Score

This bizzarre dramedy called “Trim” starring Academy Award Nominee Bruce Dern needed a versatile score and songs that Jonathan took on with passion! Not only was the score almost like 2 scores, one comedy and one dramatic…but there was a need for 11 songs to be written for the film:  6 country songs, 2 rap…

Who I Am — Album

Jonathan has partnered with spiritual teacher/wizard Brooksy Greene-Barton to create a lovely guided inner journey into Who You Are.  The music was scored to the narration as if it was a film, and creates an inner experience like no other.  Check it out here at CD Baby.

The Exodus — Film Score

Starring Robert Patrick, Jonathan’s second collaboration with writer/director Matthew Pexa and producer Cheri Montesanto, this score rides the highs of spiritual experiences and the lows of family tragedy. The score also features the voice of Margot Loren.

Unwind — Album

Jonathan and Heather Hayward’s first collaboration! This guided imagery experience is designed to help you relax, deeply relax. Unwind guides you into a state of deep, restful, rejuvenating peace.  Experience it for yourself at

Heather Hayward and Harmonic ONE

Jonathan has partnered with celebrated catalyst coach Heather Hayward C.Ht.  We will be bringing you the best audios for personal development in the market….stay tuned!  Learn more about Heather at

The Shards — Film Score

A psychological thriller set in one room, this epic score underscores the multidimensional reality inside the lead character’s head. Jonathan’s first collaboration with writer/director Matthew Pexa.

Society of Composers and Lyricists

Jonathan was accepted into the Society of Composers and Lyricists Mentor program.  He got to mentor with veteran composers such as Alf Clausen (composer of The Simpsons) and Steve Bramson (composer of J.A.G.).  He also sat in on recording sessions with Hans Zimmer, Christoph Beck and Brian Tyler.